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DIY vs. Pros; It’s not all or nothing

Keeping your house clean is important for your health and the wellbeing of your home. While most start with DIY cleaning, especially in smaller apartments and homes, it can become overwhelming. Just keeping tidy and organized spaces can be a challenge for larger homes or for larger families. Some of the basics to cover regularly (or frequently for families with kids and/or pets) include vacuuming, changing sheets and towels, toilets and showers, sweeping and dusting. What people don’t often get to are baseboards, steam mopping, grout cleaning, sink sterilizing, ovens and fridge cleaning. How about doorknobs, cabinet pulls, window shutters or cables, ceiling fans, light switches? This is where DIY can become too much and it might be time to get help.

Some of the benefits of hiring a pro can include:

  • extra time for yourself

  • a more thorough clean especially in a time where we need our surfaces fresh more often

  • reducing allergies by cleaning more surfaces

  • faster start to finish (we bring multiple pairs of hands)

A cleaning service like ours doesn’t have to be every week. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and ad-hoc deep cleaning. If you just need the occasional boost or to get those places you might not have the time or energy to, remember there are options.

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