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Keeping Your Home Clean and Allergies

Cleaning your home has many benefits but sometimes can be a challenge when you have allergies. Dust can especially trigger allergy flare ups but there are ways to reduce the outcome. When it comes to dusting, try to trap dust vs. brushing it back into the air or other surfaces. Having the dust fly into the environment will just relocate it and potentially move it to a place that is more accessible for you to get exposed. Using a damp rag or sponge can help remove the dust by trapping it onto the cloth. Dust mites also like bedding, towels and stuffed animals. Washing those regularly (weekly preferred) in hot water can keep the mites away. Remember to avoid air drying and using water on significant surfaces like carpets and rugs as the moisture can lead to mold and make allergies worse. Vacuuming is also preferred over sweeping to remove the dust and dirt vs. moving it by pushing it along your floor and back into the air.

Small tips to reduce the introduction of dirt into the home include:

Take your shoes off right away Wash hands often Keep clutter to a minimum Add air purifying plants to your home Keep entryways clean as pollen builds up If you have pets try to limit their time on fabric like couches, chairs, rugs and beds If you’re having reactions while cleaning use a mask and gloves These tips and more can be found at: WebMD and Good House Keeping.

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